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    Sales Tax Audits​

    For business owners, being notified and going through the procedure of a sales tax audit can be a daunting proposition. We can help.

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    Appeal an Assessment

    You have been through the grueling process of a Tax Audit. If you are reading this, then you are not satisfied with the audit results.

    California sales tax litigation

    Sales Tax Litigation

    From the initial audit notice through litigation. We can take action on any tax law issue you may have at any stage.

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    Sales Tax Consulting​

    Consult with our firm for the knowledgeable legal representation that can make all the difference in the resolution of your case.

  • California sales tax audits


    Most cases begin when a taxpayer receives a notice of audit from the state revenue agency. Auditors can generally go back 3-4 years and finding a small error can result in a large sales tax liability. California Sales Tax helper can handle the audit on your behalf, keep the auditor out of your hair and allow you to focus on making money in your business.

  • Appeal an assessment in California


    At the end of the audit, the auditor will issue their audit findings. Your business only has a limited time to protest the auditor’s findings. Our team can fight the assessment on the law or the facts and make sure your businesses’ rights are protected.

  • Sales Tax Court California

    Administrative Court

    Following the appeal or the protest period, your business still can fight the assessment by filing in administrative or tax court within a specific time frame. Our team has extensive experience and success in fighting tax assessment and refunds in administrative or tax court.

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    Fixed Fee

    While most tax professionals charge by the hour, we have flexible fixed fee pricing available.

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    sales tax audit defense CA

    Most states will often audit a business for sales tax. The audit typically starts with a phone call or a letter from the Department of Revenue. However, you have been contacted, a Sales Tax Audit can audit 3 years of your business activity from when a return was filed and even farther back if sales and use tax returns have not been filed. The slightest error on a type of transaction, when multiplied over three years, can add up to a considerable amount of sales tax liabilities. Often times a sales tax audit can be driven purely by simply not having the correct paperwork can result in a huge assessment.

    A sales tax audit begins with a notice from the Department. From there, an initial meeting is set to discuss the nature of the business that has been audited. After an audit plan is developed, the auditor will perform an examination by comparing the taxpayer’s books and records to the items reported on the sales tax return. Upon completion of the examination, the Department will issue a report with adjustments. It is important to know that you have the right to have a consultant represent you during your audit by completing a power of consultant form. In general, the auditor can review the last 3 years during the tax audit. If you failed to file a return, it could be as long as 8 years.

    During a sales tax audit, the auditor will request a wide range of documents. For example, on a sales tax audit, the auditor will first determine whether all sales, or gross sales, were reported on your sales tax return. Often times the auditor will compare your sales tax return to a control document like bank statements or your federal tax return. This will allow them to make sure all sales were reported. The tax auditor will also make sure you can provide proof on your exempt sales.

    On the use tax side, the auditor generally checks to make sure you properly paid tax on items used by the business. Despite publications to the contrary, if a business buys an item online without paying tax, the business has an obligation to remit use tax. Along with untaxed purchases of equipment, this can result in shocking results for the unsuspecting taxpayer.

    Upon completion of the audit, there will usually be an exit conference with the auditor. The purpose of the exit conference is to review the workpapers. It is advisable to have a tax professional present during this meeting. Eventually, the audit will culminate in a Report of Field audit or a report of investigation that summarizes the findings.

    Following the audit, if you disagree with the adjustments cannot be resolved with the auditor, a notice of proposed determination, or similar notice, is issued. It is critical that if you wish to protest the notice of, you must do so within a short timeframe, often 30 to 60 days. After filing, the Department will review and either withdraw the assessment, request additional information, or schedule for an informal conference. If you do not agree with that decision you can generally file for reconsideration with the agency or appeal the decision to tax or administrative court. While it is not required, it is often advisable to have an attorney handle your case in administrative court.

    At SalesTaxHelper.com, our firm’s work is focused on Multi-state Sales and Use Tax. With over 100 years of cumulative experience in Sales Tax representation, we are the right choice to represent your company. Since 1991, our professionals has defended companies in virtually every industry in a sales and use tax audit; giving us the experience and know how to not only analyze any areas of exposure you might have, but to also paint your company in the most favorable light. Even for companies with little or no exposure, a sales tax audit can be an unnerving and stressful experience.

    Our team of attorneys, CPAs, and former auditors know what the state’s auditors are looking for in each particular industry and we will work with you or your accountant or other professional to analyze areas of potential exposure. Wouldn’t you rather the audit be performed at one of our offices, eliminating disruptions to your business?

    challenge tax assessment California

    Challenge Assessment

    The trying, grueling and exhausting process of a Tax Audit is finally over. But what happens if you do not agree with the outcome of the audit? On top of taxes, the auditor also calculated penalties and interest to add to the money you don’t owe, or you cannot afford. Sometimes the overinflated assessment is a result of poor auditing techniques. Other times a large assessment can result in the audit double-dipping or using bad periods for your business to predict other periods. Many times, there is a discrepancy as to whether your business is even selling taxable items or services, or you just could not produce records timely enough to prove the taxability of certain items. There may even be a controlling case that even the tax auditor is unaware of. Fortunately, state and local tax consultants and other professionals can challenge the findings in some way.

    Even most good tax professionals out there do not deal with taxes enough to really know the ins and outs of both the tax laws and the administrative procedure of fighting an audit assessment. Our firm primarily handles state and local taxes and is used to the ins and outs of the issues and the procedures to help reduce your assessment. As state and local tax lawyers, we challenge the Department of Tax and Fee Administration and other state agencies on a regular basis. We often assist with audits, protests, and resolving tax disputes at the administrative court level. Simply put, this is what we do each and every day.

    Contact our offices for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION with a consultant with experience in state and local tax matters. During our consultation, we will review your tax audit and discuss ways in which we can get you the results you are looking for. We regularly are able to reduce the tax, penalties and interest. Whether you hire our firm or not, we offer a quick and honest evaluation, so you can proceed as you deem fit. To get your tax, penalties and interest reduced with the Department of Tax and Fee Administration.

    Defend Your Rights at All Stages?

    The Audit – the end of an audit results in a sales and use tax audit report, which lays out the auditor’s findings. If you cannot agree with the auditor on the findings, a notice, such as a Notice of Determination, will be issued. Auditors are often trained to take a shotgun approach and the notice of field report or investigation can be alarmingly high. It is not time to hit the panic button yet! The report along with audit findings gives you a detailed road map of what the auditor thinks is taxable and, if you know how to understand the document, what you need to do to challenge the assessment. If you or your accountant have handled the audit to this point, now is the best time to bring in a consultant experienced in Tax Controversy for a free consultation and to help negotiate on your behalf with the auditor.

    REQUEST TO EXTEND THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: Even after the auditor issues the audit report, the audit still may go on. A supervisor in the state’s revenue agency may decide additional work needs to be done or additional transactions are subject to tax. However, the Statute of Limitation period is still running, and the auditor may request an extension of time. You may be giving up valuable rights by agreeing to extend or waive the statute of limitations and you should consult with an expert before agreeing to waive any of your rights.

    PROTEST THE AUDITOR’S ASSESSMENT: After the audit and the audit report has been issued, the next official step for the agency is to formally issue the auditor’s proposed or final assessment. Once issued, the assessment must be challenged within a short timeframe, usually 30-60 days. Such a deadline is critical, and you may give up important rights by not fighting the audit within that timeframe If you have received a NOD and have not at least talked to someone experience in State and Local tax, now is the time before you are out of time. Following the outcome of the agency appeal process, the next step is to challenge in administrative or tax court.

    NEED TO MAKE AN OFFER TO SETTLE YOUR TAX LIABILITY? During the redetermination period, the agency will entertain offers to settle the case. Often times, you can get better results here than with the auditor. If you or your professional seldom do state and local tax work, it might be difficult to evaluate fair versus unreasonable settlements. DO NOT try to negotiate a settlement without an experienced state and local tax consultant.

    FILE A FORMAL PROTEST WITH THE IN ADMINISTRATIVE OR TAX COURT : If you cannot get the case resolved with the agency then you may have to file in the Administrative or Tax Court Administrtaive or Tax Court is often a more efficient way for taxpayers to avoid having to go the more expensive judicial court route. However, this is a court-like proceeding, and while not required, you really should have a state and local tax consultant handle the case..

    CONTEST A JEOPARDY ASSESSMENT: The state may issue a Notice of jeopardy Determinations in certain situations. The jeopardy assessment gives the agency some accelerated rights and may immediately begin to try and collect. Due to the jeopardy nature, the taxpayer only has 10 days to contest the assessment and must place a security deposit to fight the issue.

    You may, within the time allotment indicated on the notice, apply for an administrative hearing, but this does not stop collection activity.

    OFFER IN COMPROMISE: Most state agencies allow offers in compromise. An offer in compromise is a different procedure because it usually requires a final tax liability and an offer to settle that liability for some lesser amount. To qualify for the OIC program, states usually have specific guidelines, such as a closed account (ie-liability outstanding), you are not disputing the liability in the agency or in the court, you are not currently in bankruptcy, and you are unable to pay the full amount.

    California sales tax litigation

    Taxpayer problems usually begin when they receive a notice from the state agency, which indicates that the agency intends to conduct a tax audit on them or their business. It is often wise to contact a tax consultant to be sure you know your rights and to ensure the auditor has overstepped its bounds.

    Businesses will often utilize their CPAs or, occasionally, in-house tax departments to handle tax audits. Even if the audit is handled expertly by the CPA or tax department, the state agency may still take aggressive positions against the taxpayer or may simply be unreasonable. After the assessment is issued, one can protest or challenge the assessment of the agency and if this is not done, the amount you owe becomes final. At this point, you can still usually ask for reconsideration of the assessment in the form of settlement negotiation. When settlement negotiations are not working during or after the audit, then the taxpayer has a small window of time to use the only other means of getting a just result – controversy. If a taxpayer does not file a complaint or petition within a short deadline, generally 30 to 60 days of the notice of determination, then the ability to litigate or even protest their tax debt becomes much more difficult.

    Sales Tax Helper has over five decades of cumulative experience in assisting taxpayers who need to litigate their tax matters to get just results. Our firm focuses on the tough situations, the times when hard-hitting actions are needed to take a negative situation and get the very best out of it. Additionally, we work with CPAs and tax consultants whose clients need aggressive legal help when dealing with the Department of Revenue or other tax authorities. In fact, we have found that is not uncommon for the start of the controversy process to be the most effective settlement tactic the taxpayer has.

    A Tax consultant can help you settle your case

    When a taxpayer sues the state taxing agency, it can change how the Department views a tax situation, sometimes dramatically. The litigation department of the agency may decide that the issue an auditor was so worked up about is not a viable issue to litigate. Alternatively, the litigation department might view the potential consequences of losing the case and being bound by the decision for all other taxpayers. Under the right circumstances, this can make settlement negotiations much easier and more successful once litigation has begun. If our tax consultants bring your case to litigation, the DOR’s ability to reach a compromise changes, which may be used to your business or your client’s advantage. Additionally, a large percentage of litigated cases are settled without a final court decision.

    To find out how tax controversy may be the tool needed to successfully resolve your tax problems, contact a qualified tax consultant from our firm today.

    sales tax consultants CA

    The right professionals can point out opportunities for tax savings, reduce future audit exposure and get back sales tax you shouldn’t have paid.

    As a business owner, planning can be critical in the management of state and local taxes. Failure to diligently manage, comply, and plan for state taxes can result in harsh back taxes out of your pocket along with penalties and interest.

    Business transactions, whether routine (e.g. a standard sale to a customer) or infrequent (e.g. purchasing new business facilities) can be structured to save a significant amount of taxes. All it takes is taking the time to plan ahead with the right professionals on your team.

    Specific business transactions can also be riddled with tax minefields or present tax savings opportunities. Most states have specific rules for purchases of aircraft, art, and motor vehicles. Proper structuring can result in huge state and local tax savings. Many states also have broad manufacturing-related exemptions.

    If your business has made large purchases of machines, or repairs of those machines it is important to avoid state and local taxes or seek refunds for taxes paid. As sales tax is often an afterthought, it is often wise to have a sales tax professional on your team before the transaction happens.

    A sales tax professional from Sales Tax Helper can consult with you on correct tax procedures to make sure you pay as little sales tax as possible and recoup sales tax you should not have paid. Further, our firm can also help you in the calculation and record keeping your taxes but can also assist you in legally reducing your tax liability. Your company goals are important, and, with our services, we strive to help you meet them in the most tax-effective method possible. Please realize that by taking the necessary steps to ensure you have a sound tax planning strategy and proper execution

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